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Effect of Dominance

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CONTEST!!! Sir has been editing all day and the stuff from the g@ngbang will start coming out tomorrow! The video is going to be over an hour long! Holy crap! (But it will be a few until I have the faces edited out.) The quality isn't where we want it to be; we definitely need better lighting and to put more thought into angles and sound, but it's still amazing!

Remember that you guys helped make this event happen and we are incredibly grateful for all your support. Your tips always go a long way.

If you end up enjoying everything, remember that your tips are what enable events (and content) like this to exist - at least more frequently ;) With that said, we've decided on a CONTEST!!!

The 3 biggest tippers for the month of November will receive a 10-minute custom video made for them *or* a thong and photo-set. Tipper's choice ;)

But wait, there's more! The biggest tipper between now and Christmas will get a virtual evening with me! We can work the details out in chat!

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