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CONFESSION MONDAYS - On Monday’s you get the chance to ask me anything you want! I’ll be sharing loads of juicy secrets and stories all day every Monday! I’ll also be sharing any fantasies with yourselves

TIT TUESDAY - On Tuesdays you’ll be able to perve over two of my best features

HUMP WEDNESDAY- On Wednesdays you get to see plenty of photos and videos of my best (ass)et

THROWBACK THURSDAY - On Thursdays I’ll be clearing out a lot of my old content from my camera roll, so I’ll be posting loads of older content that unfortunately was never posted ;)

LINGERIE FRIDAY - On Friday’s its all about the underwear All the lace you could ever want

SURPRISE SATURDAY - On Saturday’s you can expect anything! From stockings and suspenders, to toys, to videos of who knows what

SILLY SUNDAY - On Sunday’s I’ll be posting any competitions, feedbacks, games, selfies, videos that I have! Any competitions I hold will be announced on Sundays, you can always send me a message if you have any questions, or even suggestions

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