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Max Spade's Overflow

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Did this to survive while suing my employer, national student loans centre, and the gov of Ontario and Canada - I am Métis, autistic, Demi sexual, third generation survival sex survivor, I was born homeless, homeless again at 15, the system continuously made it harder for my non white passing single mother by criminalizing her when she needed help. I have seen the worst of the world, and the ugliest places are self proclaimed pure while ignoring all the faults. Much of my story has been swept under the rug, I’ve been shadow banned, silenced, ignored and denied access to lawyers, doctors, employment, education, and I have tried to die many times - not because of how I feel about myself but for how hard the system tried to make our lives harder given our vulnerablilities. I’m writing a book about my life and the ending of the story is suing the entire system. Welcome to my only fans it’s different. :) -- Findr.Fans is the best resource to find your OnlyFans Star and read reviews!