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Naomi MerryWhitney

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Hello everyone, I'm assuming if your here you at least know a little about me and what I do. I work in the ent industry, mostly mainstream but I will never play a Disney princess lol... short discription of me, im VERY unique-open minded, I love to travel, im a austinite "keep Austin weird" but a Vegas local and plan to get a condo in manhattan NYC, i love animals especially horses and dogs, I practice pole dancing and contortion training, there is nothing i wouldn't try at least 3 times. Lol well depending on what it is but for the most part. a lot of what I do I'm not aloud to publish on Facebook, instagram or YouTube, and most other major social media outlets, linkedin just blocked me forever. 🤣 anyway... this is a safe place where I publish all things to "adult" "open minded" "sexy" "kinky" for other sites, and so the close minded judgmental world can just stay the F out of here. I don't really understand why people feel like they have to stick there nose all up in my business enough to block me from a site, it's like if you don't like what you see, don't like what you read NO ONE IS FORCING YOU TO LOOK-OR READ. Just move on. Or it's maybe because most people live a more boring life then mine so they feel like they have to look, and some feel they have to hate on me. Like YouTube, omg I have seen a female cut open and pretend to eat a guy like a zombie, Goreie mess, and I have seen close up full frontal nudity before on there but when I post a thong video it's to "adult" "sexy" or if I post anything with "bondage" "Fetish" on there it gets taken down and my account gets penalized even if I was fully clothed, pretty hypocritical to me. But just like anything in life if you stand out to much, if you try to do something with your life, you will always have haters, and I know this, and don't let it stop me from anything, muahahha... so this site is for all non haters of me. Content you can most likely NOT see anywhere else, personal content and professional content, and behind the scenes. Model-actress-pole dancer-stripper-naked pole-Fetish-stockings-kink-nudity-adult content. I can take things to the extreme sometimes, I think I'm more liberal and non judgmental then most people out there, I feel like if your not harming anyone, and no one is being forced to do something they don't want to do, there's nothing wrong with it including nudity-sexuality, and most would also consider me a feminist, and I do have strong opinions. I'm a Leo. I know not everyone approves of what I do or how I present myself, but I feel like in life you have 2 options, to be shamed by people and try to please everyone else, hide who you really are, and never truely be happy, or be like me and be happy and be the opposite, no not everyone likes me or how I live mylife, and some judge me and never get to truly know me, but in my opinion they are missing out with there close minds, and at least I know the people who do like me really like my true self and not a lie I created to please as most people as possible, which is really a possible task, I have tried to do that before when I was younger, and I was not happy, then I just lived my life in what I call #fuckitmode. Im Probably one of the realist people you will ever come across.