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Aaron Carter's Onlyfans Drama Hot Twink Male Model tattoos

Aaron Carter's OnlyFans Drama!

Aaron Carter (yes, THAT Aaron Carter) is OnlyFans newest celebrity model! But it hasn't exactly been "Aaron's Party" like he had hoped. Back in March, when Aaron first used social media to promote his new OnlyFans account, people had two questions for the former heart-throb: "Why?" and much more importantly, "Why does it cost so much?" 

Whether he was one of your first crushes, or you only knew him as Nick Carter's younger brother, it came as a big surprise when the singer announced that he would be making adult content with his then-girlfriend, Melanie Martin. Everything appeared to be great with the couple until Aaron found explicit texts on Melanie's phone earlier this week. Most of the fight that ensued was streamed for the world to see on Aaron's Instagram live until eventually, the police had to be called. The police arrived to find Aaron scratched and bruised, and Melanie was arrested for felony domestic violence after the "alleged" fight. She is now claiming to be pregnant. 

Shortly after the fight, the OnlyFans account was taken down. But not to worry, Aaron has since made a new account, where he has rebranded himself as a "solo performer." So, anyone that wants to find out the next time Aaron wants some candy, they can head over to his OnlyFans account and subscribe! 

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